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I was born in Kibbutz Yad Mordechay in 20/10/1982. I've put a pencil to paper ever since I can remember. I especially liked drawing animals, and horses in particular.

In high-school, I took majors in art, history of arts, psychology and sociology. At that time, I started to get attractedto the dark-style of drawing demons, monsters, and etc.

After almost 2 years at the army, and a few years of travelling and working around the world,(during that time, I got accepted to the Savannah College Of Arts in Georgia, USA but couldn't afford the fee.

I came back to Israel and started my academic route, on 2005 animation-studies in "Bezalel academy of art and design", Jerusalem.

I majored in classic animation, and took illustration-classes as well. I especially enjoy the art of story-boarding, concept-art and key-framing. Sketching-classes all thoroughmy years in the academy, kept my hand warm, and deepened my knowledge in Anatomy, of the human and animal body.

These days, I'm working on my graduating project a 6 minutes animated video-clip, to the song of American-band, CKY. I hope to be working in this area in the future combining visual art with music, directing and creating video-clips, concept-art and merchandise for bands.

So far, I've been working particulary with the Israeli death-metal band, "Eternal Gray", on art and designs, and I am fascinated by the work.

Other than that, I see myself in story-boarding (for films, commercials, etc.), illustrating, art-directing, and concept-art for all medias.

My favorite drawing and painting techniques are still pen or pencil on paper, watercolor, oil and acrylic. though In the past few years, I've been using Photoshop and digital-pen-tablet, and fallen in love with it..

I use softwares such as Photoshop, Sketchbook-pro, TV Paint, Toon-Boom Solo,Adobe-Premiere and After-Effects (I'm very interested in editing and post-production as well.)

My main influence has always been MUSIC especially metal and hard-core. Other than that, i've always taken interests in reading especially horror and thriller-books, such as Stephen King's and Thomas Harris's. My favorite films are horror, gore and apocalyptic, and I take great pleasure from Zombie-movies.

As for artistic-influences I'm a freat fan of fantasy-art masters, such as Frazzeta and Valejo, along with American comic-artists. I'm deeply inspired by classic artists as well, such as Leonardo De-Vinci, Caravajo, Durrer, and most of all Goya.

As can be seen on my website, my favorite artistic-style is still dark and macabre, though I try to infuse some sense of humor into it. I tend to the classic forms, yet searching the modern-popular styles, along with that.

I'm very open-minded, and always try to take my art to the next level.


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